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Breastfeeding Culture

Listen to health professionals from all around the World present breastfeeding in their culture. FREE lectures.

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Recent Articles

Breastfeeding for HIV-Positive Mothers by Pamela Morrison, IBCLC

from The La Leche League International Journal, Breastfeeding Today, November 2014

Breastfeeding with HIV has always been a controversial issue and in the last decade there have been many changes to the recommendations worldwide. Initially, breastfeeding while the mother was HIV-positive was considered to be contraindicated. Yet, the impact of exclusive use of commercially manufactured infant milk, for babies of HIV-positive mothers, had severe consequences. Not only is commercially manufactured infant milk expensive and culturally less acceptable in many countries, it also requires safe preparation. Infants who are fed commercially manufactured infant milk are at a higher risk of diarrhea, respiratory and ear infections, as well as childhood obesity, diabetes and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and leukemia (Stube, 2009).

Pregnancy and Lactation-Related Loss and Grief

Being pregnant, for most women, is a wonderful, exciting, period.  They have wanted to start a family and this is the beginning of their adventure.  For others, the pregnancy may have been a nice surprise or it may be a difficult, unwanted, experience.  Life experiences are not always what we expect.

Sometimes, women have read numerous pregnancy books and then their pregnancy does not follow what the texts indicate.  This also goes for the birth experience.  One woman may dream of an idealized, beautiful, un-medicated water birth, while another, clearly having made up her mind that she wants a pain free birth, will opt for an epidural.


Free Lectures

Free Lectures

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Baby Friendly

Step2 Education

Online lactation education program for Hospitals and Health Groups requiring staff education.

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