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Understanding Mastitis

Mastitis remains a cause of significant concern for breastfeeding mothers and health professionals.


Prepare for the IBLCE Exam

Practice your exam technique and identify your weaknesses with online questions and tutor support.


Want to become an IBCLC?

Our highly acclaimed LEAARC-approved BreastEd Course prepares you to become a Lactation Consultant.

Good Luck to our IBLCE Exam Candidates!

Registration has now closed for LP14 - Lactation Practice Exam. Students currently enrolled will not have access to the Discussion Forum from July 28th up to and including August 3rd, due to legal reasons and extended dates of the IBLCE exam this year. You will still have access to the Practice Exams during these dates.

Those that are currently registered will have reaccess to say your good byes  from August 4th to 6th, and then the program will be completely closed and all students will be removed completely. The next LP will reopen February 2015.

There is to be NO discussion about the IBLCE Exam questions on the Forum!

Good Luck to all IBLCE Exam candidates getting ready for this years exam.

Our positive thoughts and best wishes are being beamed to you wherever you may be - we know just how nerve-wracking it can be, especially for many of you who haven't sat an exam in many many years!

Make sure you take enough time to relax, drink lots of water and eat those healthy brain foods to help with your concentration!

Breastfeeding Culture

Listen to health professionals from all around the World present breastfeeding in their culture. FREE lectures.

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Latest News

2014 Scholarship Awardee

We are pleased to announce Chelsie Robertson as our 2014 Scholarship Awardees.

Scholarship News 2014

Know someone who would make a great IBCLC? Applications for our scholarship are now open.


Free Lectures

Free Lectures

View the list of all the great topics presented by international speakers and available to you at no cost.

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Baby Friendly

Gold Conference

Online lactation education program for Hospitals and Health Groups requiring staff education.

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