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Recorded presentations on a range of lactation topics by Lactation Professionals from around the world.


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Our highly acclaimed LEAARC-approved BreastEd Course prepares you to become a Lactation Consultant.

CERPs & Continuing Education

CERPs & Continuing Education

Our courses & lectures are perfect for gaining CERPs and keeping up to date with the latest research & practices.

The Great Canadian World Breastfeeding Week Sale!

In Canada, World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is celebrated during the first week of October. This helps educational and health care facilities, as well as organizations, celebrate WBW at a time when more students and staff are available.


During this World Breastfeeding Week, WABA calls for:
  1. A concerted global action that supports women to be able to combine breastfeeding and work, whether in formal or non-formal sectors, or at home.
  2. To ratify and implement maternity protection laws and regulations by governments, that are in line with the ILO Maternity Protection Convention.
  3. To include breastfeeding target indicators in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Let us join together and help mothers feel empowered to claim their and their baby’s right to breastfeed.


Health e-Learning would like to celebrate WBW by offering a MONTH of great cluster specials!

We are offering amazing discounts on our courses for the whole month of October! Take advantage of these huge discounts on our courses until October 31st - perfect for 2016 IBLCE Exam Preparation or Continuing Education!

Cluster 1:
Enroll in three or more BreastEd Courses in the one transaction and receive one free Advanced Practice course OR our Ethics course. That's a discount of US$60.

Your choice of 1 of the following courses, when purchased with 3 or more BreastEd courses:

ET01: Ethics for Lactation Consultants
AP02: Jaundice and the Neonate
AP03: Critical Appraisal of Research

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Cluster 2:
Select one course from each of our Background Health, Advanced Practice and Ethics courses and receive one free Expert Lecture, 3 courses in total. That's a discount of US$25.

Your choice of 3 of the following courses:

IH03: Child Development
IH05: Medical Terminology
ET01: Ethics for Lactation Consultants
AP02: Jaundice and the Neonate
AP03: Critical Appraisal of Research

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Cluster 3:
Enroll into 4 or more Expert Lectures, and receive one free. That's a discount of US$25.
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Breastfeeding Culture

Listen to health professionals from all around the World present breastfeeding in their culture. FREE lectures.

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Recent Articles

Breastfeeding, Tongue-Tie and Frenotomy

Breastfeeding, tongue-tie and frenotomy is still a controversial issue. Online, there are many different Facebook parenting groups providing family to family information about tongue and lip-tie. As well, there are professional groups providing support and information to both families and to the multidisciplinary professionals who together support these families. The goal is to provide evidence-based information and encourage further research in this area.

The Economics of Breastfeeding

The International Breastfeeding Journal has recently published a series called Economic Aspects of Breastfeeding.  The articles and commentaries in this series provide information for policy makers and others on how breastfeeding can lead to health care and other cost savings. These articles also raise awareness among academics and the wider community, highlighting a new and publicly relevant area of research.


Free Lectures

Free Lectures

View the list of all the great topics presented by international speakers and available to you at no cost.

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Baby Friendly

Step2 Education

Online lactation education program for Hospitals and Health Groups requiring staff education.

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