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Trudi Szallasi Scholarship Winner

It is our pleasure to announce this year’s Trudi Szallasi Scholarship recipient from San Antonio, Texas, USA: Denise Rangel Holbrook. Denise is a La Leche Leage Leader with strong experience working with women's health and has a passion for health education.

As the Trudi Szallasi Scholarship recipient, Denise will be enrolled in the LEAARC approved 10 BreastEd courses (120 hours), ET01 Ethics for Lactation Consultants (5 hours), IH03 Child Development, AP 03 Critical Appraisal of Research and the Lactation Exam Practice prior to her sitting the IBLCE exam.

Congratulations Denise!

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Breastfeeding Culture

Listen to health professionals from all around the World present breastfeeding in their culture. FREE lectures.

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In Memory of Trudi Szallasi

This month we would like to celebrate and honor our dear friend and colleague Trudi Szallasi, who passed away from breast cancer in June 2008. Health e-Learning has offered a scholarship in Trudi's name since the year following her untimely death. Trudi was truly a remarkable person.

Breastfeeding, Tongue-Tie and Frenotomy

Breastfeeding, tongue-tie and frenotomy is still a controversial issue. Online, there are many different Facebook parenting groups providing family to family information about tongue and lip-tie. As well, there are professional groups providing support and information to both families and to the multidisciplinary professionals who together support these families. The goal is to provide evidence-based information and encourage further research in this area.


Free Lectures

Free Lectures

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Baby Friendly

Step2 Education

Online lactation education program for Hospitals and Health Groups requiring staff education.

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