Background Health Series

The courses in this series give a basic introduction to their subject matter.

Medical Terminology will meet the IBLCE exam prerequisite for those requiring this subject.
Child Development will refresh your memory of this subject. Note that this will not meet the IBLCE exam prerequisite of a semester-length course in this subject for first-time exam candidates.

The cost of each course is $US42.

IH03: Child Development

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Using a spoken slide presentation format this interesting course will introduce you to the major factors influencing the growing child: namely physical development, cognitive development, language development and personality development. Each topic is accompanied by quality websites to read, expanding on the information provided in the slide presentations. Self-test quizzes will help you to focus on the aspects of importance in each topic.

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IH05: Medical Terminology

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This is an introductory course to the terms used in medicine. Knowledge of these terms, and how to decipher unfamiliar medical terms, will be beneficial in your communications with medical professionals and your studies of medical issues. The topics cover each of the body systems, having illustrative graphics and a short description of each system with the terms used to describe that system. Word Exercises in each topic will assist you to apply your theory to practice. The coursework should take approximately 4 hours to work through, taking notes and doing the Word Exercises, and finally completing the online Assessment Quiz.

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