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Looking Back on 2020


A Year to Remember

The year 2020 will go down in history as one we all will remember for so many reasons.

For Health e-Learning-IIHL, we started the year by participating in the first Breastfeeding Advocacy Australia WHO Code training and Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (IYCFE) workshop on Coochiemudlo Island with colleagues from around the world.

We also attended the annual New Zealand Lactation Consultants Association conference in Auckland, New Zealand and met up with many wonderful colleagues and friends. We had a full calendar year booked and we had looked forward to catching up with colleagues and students at WPHNA (Brisbane, Australia), ELACTA (Milan, Italy), AQC (Quebec, Canada), ILCA (Houston, USA), IBC (Chennai, India), and LCANZ (Melbourne, Australia).

Then in March 2020, it seemed that the whole world stopped! Flights were cancelled, international border crossings were closed, conferences were cancelled or became virtual, due to the global COVID 19 pandemic. The world as we knew it changed and for many has not returned to anything resembling normal. The pandemic has impacted the world, including all supporting infant and young child feeding.

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Studying for the IBLCE Exam

Oooh, the mere mention of “exam” sends a shiver down my spine!

I always find it difficult to know where to start when it comes to studying or the IBLCE exam. I have sat the exam a few times now, and each time my preparation has been a little different.

When I sat the exam the first time, I did an IBCLC course that was all by written course work: multi-choice question and short answer items that we had to post (yes, post!) back to the course assessors. I can only imagine the workload of those course assessors, and am very appreciative of all the time and generous guidance that they offered! Back then the use of email and the internet for online articles was not what it is now (yes, it was the time of the dinosaurs!). In order to prepare for the exam I had to buy text books…expensive textbooks! Thankfully I was preparing to sit the exam with a few of my work colleagues, so we shared that expense and established out own study group.

As a novice, I think the study group was invaluable: it allowed us to share information that we had found and also to urge each other on when we lost sight of the end goal. We often would meet at our local Australian Breastfeeding Association branch office because they had a fabulous library of texts and articles, dedicated solely to lactation – it was our Aladdin’s cave! My friends and I would try to meet there once a week to study and share stories (oh, and sharing yummy food, some recipes and lots of laughter as well!). My friends were what helped me through the exam that first time.

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Free Lectures

Free Lectures

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