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Health e-Learning specializes in providing courses for professional development for Lactation Consultants and health professionals, and exam preparation courses for International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) exam candidates.

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Packages (3)

BreastEd Lactation Studies Series (10)


The BreastEd series is comprised of 10 unique courses, each dealing with a specific area or period of relevance to the breastfeeding mother and her infant. Together these courses provide a comprehensive study program in lactation and breastfeeding.

The aim of this program is to provide students with a comprehensive direction of study that will prepare them for the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners' (IBLCE) examination, while giving them the knowledge and confidence to become competent professionals in the field of lactation.
By developing and delivering this program online, a secondary aim is to provide a high quality study program accessible to students who, by preference or necessity, find the unlimited 12-month access to course content, tutoring and peer support best suits their needs.

The BreastEd series has been approved by the Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee (LEAARC), which recognizes comprehensiveness and quality in lactation programs, and is the standard recommended for all programs of study for future Lactation Consultants.

The BreastEd series meets and exceeds the lactation-specific education prerequisite for those students preparing for the IBLCE examination to become a Lactation Consultant.

Enroll into the BreastEd Series in one transaction and have access to the whole program and tutors for a full 12 months. Alternatively, each course may be enrolled into individually for a one-month per course enrollment period, cumulative as you add each new course.

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Lactation Exam Practice (1)

Lactation Exam Practice comprises a series of multiple choice questions designed to simulate the style of questions candidates of the IBLCE Examination will face. The questions cover the topics examined by IBLCE. This practice exam is an integral part of the final preparations for future IBCLCs and recertifying IBCLCs.


Experts-in-Lactation Lectures (14)

Experts-in-Lactation Lectures are recorded presentations on a range of lactation topics by Lactation Professionals from around the world. The easy format lets you watch and listen as though you were in a lecture, then repeat the lecture as many times as you wish during your enrollment period.

All the lectures will award CERPs for Lactation Consultants and you will have access to the recording for one week from the time you enroll.

Background Health Series (2)

The courses in this series give a basic introduction to their subject matter.

Medical Terminology will meet the IBLCE exam prerequisite for those requiring this subject.
Child Development will refresh your memory of this subject. Note that this will not meet the IBLCE exam prerequisite of a semester-length course in this subject for first-time exam candidates.

The cost of each course is $US42.

Advanced Practice Series (2)

Advanced Practice Series are short 4 hour courses on a range of lactation topics. These courses have been reviewed for accuracy and relevance by leading lactation professionals and academics.

This series examines specialist topics or advanced knowledge and are ideal for extending your knowledge.

Each course is worth approximately 4 CERPs after you complete a simple quiz online at the end of the course.


Ethics for Lactation Consultants (1)

Ethics for Lactation Consultants introduces students to the theories of ethics, and gives them a thorough understanding of their responsibilities in relation to the IBLCE Code of Ethics and the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes (WHO Code). It is accredited to provide 5 ECERPs.

Extensions (2)

Administration Fee (1)