IH05: Medical Terminology

This is an introductory course to the terms used in medicine. Knowledge of these terms, and how to decipher unfamiliar medical terms, will be beneficial in your communications with medical professionals and your studies of medical issues. The topics cover each of the body systems, having illustrative graphics and a short description of each system with the terms used to describe that system. Word Exercises in each topic will assist you to apply your theory to practice. The coursework should take approximately 4 hours to work through, taking notes and doing the Word Exercises, and finally completing the online Assessment Quiz.

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This course will meet the IBLCE Exam prerequisite for a course of study in this subject.
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Learning style:
This is a self-guided course.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


  • Introduction to the formation and deciphering of medical terminology.
  • Medical terminology as it relates to:
    • the digestive system
    • the respiratory system
    • the cardiovascular system
    • blood
    • the lymphatic system
    • the urinary system
    • the nervous system
    • the eye, ear and skin
    • the nose and mouth
    • the muscular system
    • the skeletal system
    • the reproductive system
    • the endocrine system
  • Terminology used to describe anatomical position

Reading material

All required materials and resources are provided online.

A Medical Dictionary would support your studies and be invaluable in your work.

Quality Assurance

IH05 Medical Terminology was developed by Denise Fisher, MMP, BN, IBCLC. Denise has extensive experience in education of nursing and lactation consultant students.


This course is designed to introduce medical terms to students who have little prior knowledge of the language of medicine.


On completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • name and identify components of medical terms
  • associate medical terms with their anatomical position
  • understand an indicative range of medical words relating to each of the body systems


Achievement of the learning objectives is assessed by automatically graded, online, multiple-choice questions. A passing grade is 85%.

On successfully completing this course you will be able to download, save and print your Certificate of Completion.
You may submit this Certificate of Completion to IBLCE if you require validation of completion of a course in Medical Terminology for your application for the IBLCE Examination.


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  • The average time taken to complete this course and the assessment is 4 hours.
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