XL48: Katherine Barber: Tools for Working with African-American Mothers

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Katherine Barber

The history of breastfeeding and lactation in the African American community is a study of tradition, family, mothering practices, government and corporate intervention in health and a slow but burgeoning reemergence of that long-ago tradition today.

Katherine Barber
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Katherine Barber’s first book, The Black Woman's Guide to Breastfeeding: The Definitive Guide to Nursing for African-American Mothers, is the only how-to breastfeeding book for African-American women. Her second book, Lactation Management: Strategies for Working with African-American Moms helps medical professionals understand communication skills, barriers to breastfeeding and how to effectively support their Black clients. With over 15 years as a writer, women's health advocate, and health disparities expert, Kathi Barber is ever concerned about the well-being of women of color, and other groups on the fringe.