XL43: Ewa Andersson: Transition into Fatherhood: A Time of Risk for Mental Illness

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The transition to parenthood is an important life experience which brings along stressful changes regarding different parent roles. Historically, fathers were considered more as providers but since the era 2000, they assume new roles in the lives of their children. Researches have been conducted in many countries to describe this evolution.

Ewa Andersson
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Ewa Andersson has been a Swedish registered nurse-midwife for many years and has long experience of working in antenatal clinics. She has a PhD in medicine from Karolinska Institutet and she works as a researcher and lecturer at the Department for Woman's and Child's health from this university. Ewa is also a Board member of Nordic Marce society, an international group dedicated to research and clinical intervention with perinatal mental health within families.