XL45: Louise Dumas: Skin-To-Skin For All Mothers And Term Babies At Birth

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Dr Dumas presents the differences between kangaroo and skin-to-skin care practices at birth and what is meant by evidence. She then explains the exhaustive evidence that is available for two Baby-friendly Steps: step 4 on skin-to-skin and step 7 on mother- infant togetherness. Presenting how these techniques are realized in Canada and in Sweden, she will prompt participants to reflect on their own clinical practice to ensure a safe transition for both mother and baby at vaginal birth and at caesarean section and also how to explain these important facts to parents.

Louise Dumas
1 L CERP / 1 Pre-IBLCE exam hour
Access period:
One week
Lecture recorded for Health e-Learning

Louise is an honorary professor-researcher in Nursing Sciences, at the Universite du Quebec en Outaouais (Western Quebec, Canada). She has a master’s degree in Nursing Sciences from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, a doctoral degree in Interdisciplinary Education from the Universite du Quebec in Montreal, and a post-doctoral degree in Reproductive and Perinatal Medical Sciences from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. She is very active at the international level, working as a consultant with the development and dissemination of BFHI tools, such as the Competency Verification Toolkit (2020) with WHO and UNICEF and its expansion to cover from prenatal period up to 3 years and beyond.