Lactation Exam Practice

Lactation Exam Practice

Our Lactation Exam Practice is released twice a year in January (English only) and July (multilingual). For students sitting the March IBLCE Exam, enroll in the Lactation Practice Exam released in January. For students sitting the September IBLCE Exam, enroll in the Lactation Practice Exam released in July. The Lactation Practice Exam is not available outside of our enrollment dates. ** IBLCE has modified the exam dates for 2021 so LP English will start early February in 2021**

The Lactation Exam Practice provides candidates of the IBLCE Examination with practice in multiple-choice assessments on a range of questions based on the topics examined in the IBLCE Examination. Practice your exam-taking skills on these questions. You'll learn techniques to ensure you answer the questions accurately, giving you lots of practice with photograph-related questions. You will be able to identify topic areas where you need more study. 100% of participant evaluations in 2020 indicated they were able to identify areas they needed to study more as a result of doing Lactation Exam Practice.

We have an active discussion forum, where you are able to ask an experienced IBCLC your questions and you'll receive support from friends and colleagues from all around the World. We also add extra questions in the discussion forum each week and challenge participants to analyze the questions and answers.

An introductory section discusses studying techniques and how to handle exam nerves. A section on exam techniques will assist you when answering multiple-choice questions.

You will have over 300 multiple-choice questions on which to practice. The first 200 questions align closely with the number of questions on each subject you'll find in the IBLCE content outline in preparation for the exam. The following 100 questions are on the topics most students have more difficulty with. A significant number of questions are based on full-color photographs. The questions are divided into exams of 50 questions each for easy time management. All the questions have feedback, many with references to the evidence-based research - a great learning aid! The question range has been created according to the content outline topics to be examined, as published by the IBLCE. All the questions are automatically graded - your results available immediately after you complete each of your practice exams. The discussion forum also provides extra weekly pop-up quizzes and encourages students to answer the question and provide their reasons for their correct answer. Students learn to problem solve the correct answer.

In 2021 the program will be in its 17th year, growing in popularity every year, mostly from exam candidates who have had it personally recommended to them by past students telling them it is the BEST exam practice available. Our exam practice provides great learning opportunities with question feedback and a very active and responsive discussion forum where more learning and support happens.

Access Time:
You will retain access to the questions from the time you enroll until the final IBLCE exam.
The discussion forum will close 24 hours before the first IBLCE exam worldwide. We will do our best to help accommodate you if you are having difficulties. 
This program is facilitated by experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who you can communicate with through the discussion forum and by an internal messaging system. 
Total CERPs allocated: 8.5 L & 0.5 E CERPs
To be eligible to receive the designated CERPs for the Lactation Practice Exam YOU MUST complete all 6 exam practices, review the feedback to each question, and actively participate in the discussion forum. 

To receive the CERPs Certificate you are required to

  • pass all the LP exams with a grade of at least 80% or higher
  • participate in the LP discussion forum and reply to all questions that are posted
  • complete at least 9 hours of study and review work related to the lactation exam practice


If you are a first-time candidate for the IBLCE exam it is preferable that you complete your comprehensive course of study prior to using the Practice Exams. This will give you a clearer idea of where to focus your final studying.
However, if you are sitting the exam for your recertification you may get more benefit from doing the practice exams first, then determining in which areas you need to study further.
Experienced IBCLCs usually only need to 'brush up' on a few subjects.
Each of the first 4 Practice Exams relates to specific sections of the IBLCE Exam content outline.
The other two Practice Exams cover topics in which students indicated they wanted more practice. The following is a guide to what is covered in each of the first 4 Practice Exams. When you review your Practice Exam results you should be able to tell in which of the IBLCE content outline topics you need more review time. The additional Practice Exams cover varying topics covered in the IBLCE content outline.

Practice Exams

Exam Practice A

  • Physiology and Endocrinology
    • Maternal and Infant
  • Breastfeeding Techniques

Exam Practice B

  • Pathology
    • Immunology and Infectious Disease
    • Maternal and Infant Pathology
  • Public Health and Advocacy

Exam Practice C

  • Development and Nutrition
    • Maternal and Infant
    • Maternal and Infant Anatomy
    • Normal Nutrition and Biochemistry
  • Maternal and Infant Pharmacology and Toxicology

Exam Practice D

  • Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology
  • Maternal and Infant Development and Nutrition
    • Growth Parameters and Developmental Milestones
  • Interpretation of Research
  • Ethical and Legal Issues
  • Clinical Skills
    • Breastfeeding Equipment and Technology

Additional questions and Even more questions

  • 100 questions on topics students may have more difficulties.

Your Practice Exam is graded automatically as soon as you submit it. You will receive a grade, but of more importance you will be able to look at each question again, reading the comprehensive feedback which may explain why the wrong answers are wrong or giving you references to online journal articles to read more about the topics.
The question feedback is another great learning tool for you.

Discussion Forums

The forum is where you will meet exam candidates from all around the World. You can introduce yourself, share your thoughts, cares, and concerns with others going through the same emotions IBLCE: Lactation Exam Practice you are.
The forum is where questions are discussed, dissected, and examined until an understanding of exam techniques makes the chance of losing marks from misunderstanding a near impossibility. The extra weekly pop-up quizzes, encourage students to answer the question and provide reasons for their correct answer. Students learn to problem solve the correct answer. As an added bonus you'll likely gain even more breastfeeding knowledge. Surveys of exam candidates who have completed the Lactation Exam Practice in previous years have told us that one of the best parts of this program is the learning, sharing and caring, that happened in the discussion forum.

Quality Assurance

All of the questions have been developed for Health e-Learning-IIHL and reviewed by a team of experienced IBCLCs.

Primary authors:
Carole Dobrich, RN, B.Sc., IBCLC, ANLC, Melanie Gingras, BScN, IBCLC, and Denise Fisher, MMP, BN, IBCLC
Kristina Palmer-Field, RN, RM, BA, IBCLC, Valerie Lavigne, DC, M.Sc, Odile Lapointe, IBCLC, Lenore Goldfarb, Ph.D., CCC, IBCLC, ALC


The aim of Lactation Exam Practice is to give the candidate of the IBLCE exam, practice in multiple-choice exam techniques using question-style the same or very similar to that of the IBLCE exam.
A secondary aim is to give the candidate a feeling for the subject topics which they may need to study more thoroughly.
And finally, it is to provide a venue for exam candidates from around the world to gather, to give one another support, and share friendship during a special time in their lives.


On completion of this program, the student will
  • Be able to examine a multiple-choice question carefully and thoroughly with a view to discerning the exact intention of the question.
  • Identify areas of the IBLCE Exam Blueprint which may require additional study to feel fully prepared.
  • Acknowledge with increasing confidence going into the IBLCE examination.
  • Met new friends and colleagues from around the world who have supported them in their effort to prepare for the IBLCE examination.


  • This program is facilitated by an experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who has extensive experience in clinical practice and education.
  • The LP exam practices are available from the time you enroll until the IBLCE examination (January to March or July to September) of the period in which you enrolled. ** IBLCE has modified the exam dates for 2021 so LP English will start early February in 2021**
  • The discussion forum is available from the time you enroll until the Saturday (Eastern Standard Time -  New York or Montreal) prior to the 1st IBLCE examination internationally. We close the discussion forum early to protect the privacy of the IBLCE exam. 
  • Your Username and Password will become activated at the time you enroll.
  • The program accepts enrollments from January 1st (English only) and July 1st (Multilingual) each year.
  • Enrollments close at 4:30 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on Friday prior to the first IBLCE examination in March and at 4:30 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on Monday prior to the first IBLCE examination in September. (That is Friday or Monday just after midnight Eastern Standard Time -  New York or Montreal)

When is the IBLCE Examination?

The certifying exam for International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (the IBLCE exam) occurs twice a year for qualified candidates in March for English only candidates, and September for English and other language candidates. This may be subject to change by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.
  • Note: Applications for the IBLCE Exam must be sent to the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE).
  • Health e-Learning is in NO WAY able to assist you with this application.

Fees and Payments

  • Enrollments are accepted online.
  • Payments online are available using either a Credit card or PayPal.
  • The cost is $97.00 USD
  • Additional fees, that are out of our control, may be charged by your bank to convert this to your local currency.
  • Please see our Payments FAQ for more information.

Refunds and Privacy

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information regarding refunds and our Privacy Policy is also available.

Why should I enroll in Lactation Exam Practice rather than buy a book of questions or take an exam-prep class?

That's easy! When you enroll in Lactation Exam Practice you'll get everything you can get from books and classes combined, plus much more for much longer. We really look after you and it is fun!

  • Initially, 200 questions similar to the IBLCE exam to practice, time, and time again. In the last 6-weeks or so we'll release another set of questions for more practice.
  • Every question has feedback - tips on that specific question such as how to avoid the pitfalls or red herrings, how to look at photographs critically, how to handle the 'MOST', 'BEST' and 'FIRST' style of questioning, as well as some clinical information and where you can go to extend your knowledge of the topic.
  • The forum: "The questions were great, the feedback incredibly useful, and the forums were what gave me the most confidence. It was fantastic - sharing knowledge, tips, and support with other exam-takers from around the world, and Carole's knowledge and information were the best! What an incredible experience!. I made friends on the forum with other new IBCLCs that I'll keep for a lifetime. Thank you Health e-Learning!"
  • You'll have access to the exam questions, the forums, and an experienced IBCLC facilitator in your preparation for the IBLCE exam. Take your time - consolidate your learning and experience; it's not all over in one or two days.
  • You could start RIGHT NOW if you CLICK HERE and enroll now.
  • And you get all this at any time of day or night that suits you, without having to leave home! Why would you even consider anything else?

What past students said


A survey of more than 800 participants revealed 55% had little or no confidence before doing Lactation Exam Practice, and over 90% felt confident after doing Lactation Exam Practice.
Also, 95% of participants indicated they were able to identify those areas, where they needed more study as a result of doing the Lactation Exam Practice. 99.4% of respondents said that they would recommend this program to future IBLCE candidates.

"What did you find of MOST benefit to you in doing Lactation Exam Practice?"

  • Getting used to the type and style of questions that come up.
  • Precise questions – the right answer well explained - photo questions.
  • The wide variety of questions and picture questions.
  • The photos, they excellent examples of what to expect on the IBCLE.
  • It made me think as the real exam questions did. It was extremely helpful and will recommend to other friends sitting for next year's exam.
  • The quick grading and study prompt help to problem areas.
  • The question themselves, how they were worded.
  • Learned from my incorrect responses.
  • Getting used to the style of questioning and the way in which the knowledge you had would need to be applied in the exam.
  • The technique of analyzing the question and answer, it was a good revision and every question with the 4 options covered an entire topic.
  • Practicing the pace/timing of answering questions, but most helpful was having explanations for the correct answers.
  • Questions were so similar to those on the real exam. Great preparation.
  • Playing with and learning the exam technique, figuring out why I picked the wrong answer when I really did know the correct one! I learned to READ the question carefully and completely! Also reading the student comments and facilitator responses - often opening a bigger picture and sent me in search of reading different texts. Thank you!
  • I liked the comments on each question explaining the rationale in selecting the right answer and possible pitfalls to watch out for to avoid selecting the wrong answer.
  • The discussion forum. I loved discussing what we didn't understand and the fellowship.
  • Reviewing completed exams with explanations. The explanations and comments were a great aid in de-constructing the questions.
  • It helped to identify areas where I needed to do more work. It also helped to really think about how questions are worded and also to logically approach a situation. It also made me review my course work really thoroughly - loved the BreastEd BE01-10 courses. I also found it useful to have the forum to get more information or be pointed to information sources. Great moderators!
  • Two things: the wording of the questions was similar enough to the real test so that I felt I knew what types of questions would be asked. Second, and most importantly, were the explanations. It would have been practically useless to not have good explanations of what I was doing wrong or why my thought process didn't bring me to the right answer.
  • Going over the exam questions and really looking for what the question was asking. Really loved the support of our facilitator and the forum.
  • It was tailored pretty close to how the questions were made. I like the discussion forum because you can share your knowledge that is learned from books and extensive courses about human lactation. It is a good experience hearing the insights from different countries. Very knowledgeable professionals.
  • Thorough explanations of all correct and incorrect answers and directions where to go for more information. Also comments about exam techniques, and general practice looking at photos.
  • I found the questions helpful as it required reasoning. I found the dialogue through the forum very helpful indeed as it helped me to think about the particular issues from a different perspective.
  • I wasn't brave enough to join the forum but benefitted from it enormously. Thank you!
  • Just doing the practice exams.
  • Learning to read the question for the root, and then practicing what specifically they were asking us to do. Next, after taking the exam, being able to read the excellent explanations of the various answers really helped me to better read the question as well as the answers. It was also very helpful to read the blogs of questions and answers. Every part was well worth the cost for the knowledge gained and testing experience.
  • I found participation in the forum to be very helpful. I did not post very much, but I read almost every thread. Particularly in the second half of the LC exam, where the focus was on breastfeeding management. The discussions on the forum helped me mentally triage and prioritize what I saw in the photos on the exam. The forum became a nice community of learners (and a place to vent off test anxiety). I miss it now that the test is over! Also, I liked that you could take practice exams multiple times.
  • The discussion forum was extremely helpful! Having a facilitator consistently clarifying information or recommending resources was really important for me, as I was getting very frustrated with the conflicting information from textbooks and my little experience finding (not reading or understanding) research papers that were valid.
  • The pictures with questions were similar to the actual exam.
  • picture practice.
  • Understanding the level of critical thinking required to answer the questions. Getting the correct answer wasn't just about recalling information, it was about analyzing the scenario and interpreting the question asked, as would be necessary in real-life situations.
  • Learning how to deal with multiple-choice questions as I had never done multiple choice before. I found the forum extremely helpful.
  • After answering other practice exams (on other websites) - your professional level and the explanations given to answers were for sure the best I saw!
  • Working with the format of questions and answers was great preparation for sitting the exam. The fact that there were questions aimed at each area of study broadened my knowledge base, and going onto the forum for additional questions and interactive knowledge from the facilitator was the best.
  • Your questions created pathways of learning. It was necessary to look at all the aspects of the question, think carefully about the content in the answers. I found myself searching for conceptual understanding as well as factual information.
  • Getting used to the style of questions and the process. The answers were also great and provided a lot of learning directly and also helpful in guiding to additional resources. Also the opportunity to take the exams more than once. Thank you for a great learning experience. I will be back!
  • ... and so many, many more wonderful comments from very happy new IBCLCs.