To qualify to sit the IBLCE examination you must obtain an amount of education - the program or course you do must cover all of the disciplines examined as outlined in the Blueprint published by IBLCE. Take the time to read through this blueprint - and make sure that whichever education program you choose covers all of the listed topics. Discussions with other lactation education providers helped cement our own position that 45 hours simply is not enough to cover all the information a Lactation Consultant needs to know in order to be prepared to give the best care and advice to those who put their trust in us.

You may have noticed on the IBLCE website that while they have set 90 hours to be the minimum, noting that students who complete the more comprehensive programs are more likely to pass. The Exam is set at a university Masters level, so you can imagine how in-depth you need to study each of the disciplines.

Our BreastEd Series is the program we have developed that is used by hundreds of students to prepare each year. This program is LEAARC-approved, indicating that a committee made up from both IBLCE and ILCA have approved it as a quality, comprehensive program for preparation for future IBCLCs. The program consists of 10 online courses, each taking about 12 hours to complete.

If you enroll in the whole series at once, you'll be enrolled in all 10 courses for 12 months, allowing plenty of time right up to, and after, the Exam to review the topics at your leisure. You can, of course, complete them at the pace that suits you, having them finished well before the Exam, but still having access to the tutors, your colleagues and the content. Everything is online, including the final assessment. A workbook is printed from the program, completion of it providing you with an excellent resource, but not having to be submitted.

If you feel like chatting to some people who have or are going through this process, you may wish to join Health e-Learning as a member (free) and explore our Community Forum - you could ask if there are any LCs in your area who might be able to help you, or ask for advice on how others became LCs.