Well-constructed online learning gives you the best of both worlds - quality content that you can work through at your own pace, in your own place, but with a level of personal attention that even rivals face-to-face programs. And, you guessed it... Health e-Learning programs are the BEST of online learning.

For Lactation Consultants, our Courses earn the following CERPs:

  • BreastEd Courses (10 courses) - 12 L CERPs per course
  • Advanced Practice Series (check each individual course)
  • Ethics for Lactation Consultants - 5 E CERPs
  • Experts-in-Lactation Lectures - 1 L or E CERPs (check each Lecture)

Health e-Learning is a California Board of Registered Nursing accredited provider. Provider number (CEP) 15684 is currently approved until January 31, 2019.

These courses provide the following Contact Hours or Continued Education Hours:

  • BreastEd courses (10 courses) - 12 per course or 120 for all 10 courses
  • IH02 Counseling - 4
  • IH03 Child Development - 4
  • Ethics for Lactation Consultants - 5
  • Advanced Practice Series - 4
  • Experts-in-Lactation Lectures - 1 per lecture

How do I know this is a safe system?
Your connection with our website is encrypted and protected with a security certificate so you should see a green "lock" icon in the URL bar of your browsing while navigating our website. That is an indication that the connection is secured.
Transactions are encrypted to the maximum strength supported by your browser using 128 Bit SSL.
Will my personal details be stolen?
Health e-Learning retains and secures personal information in our own servers, except for any Credit Card numbers, which we never store anywhere.
There are no third party agents using your data and we do not distribute lists or databases to anybody, anytime, anywhere!
Has there been any problems with others using this service?
We have operated since 2000 and have never had a security breach or stolen data in that period with thousands of customers.