Exam Recertification Program

US$ 715.00

Exam Recertification package with 66 CERPs (56.5L, 5.5 E & 4 R CERPs/66 CPD/CH)

Are you having to sit the IBLCE exam again? Do you feel you need a refresher course to prepare? We have put together a package to help you review the areas of knowledge that perhaps you haven’t studied in a while. The study courses are all online with 24/7/365 access for 12 months enabling you to study at your own pace, using interactive quizzes, facilitated discussion forums with recertified IBCLCs, while connecting with other students from around the world so you can study together. When you complete and pass the study course assessments, you will receive your CERPs/CPD/CH* certificate for each course in the program. Then 3 months before the IBCLE exam you will have access to start practicing your exam techniques with our Lactation Exam Practice and discussion forum. Join us and we can prepare for the IBLCE exam together!

The online Recertifying by Exam package of study courses with 12 months’ access** includes

 To receive the LPPLUS CERPs Certificate you are required to

  • pass all the 6 LP exams with a grade of at least 80% or higher

  • review the feedback for all the LP exams questions

  • participate in the LP discussion forum and reply to all questions posted by tutors

  • complete at least 9 hours of study and review work related to the lactation exam practice

Total CERPs allocated: 8.5 L & 0.5 E CERPs

* CERPs/CPD/CH – Continued Education Recognition Points/Continued Professional Development/Contact Hours

** LP Exam opens mid-January/early February and early July. You have access to the practice exams until your IBLCE exam internationally in March/April or September. YOU CAN ONLY ENROLL IN ONE OF THE LP SESSIONS NOT BOTH. The discussion forum closes 24 hours prior to the start of the IBLCE exam internationally in March/April and September.

*** LP CERPs requirements - To be eligible to receive the designated CERPs for the Lactation Practice Exam you must complete all 6 exam practices, review the feedback to each question, and participate in the discussion forum including responding to the additional questions posted weekly.