Capturing Breastfeeding Culture Worldwide

"Capturing Breastfeeding Culture Worldwide" series of lectures touches the nature of breastfeeding in a variety of cultures. The speakers are all experts in their regions and are directly involved in working with mothers and breastfeeding babies.

Breastfeeding Culture in Rwanda: Marie-Grace Uwase & Paulo Paskazia - (23 min)

For the past few years I have worked as a midwife in a Maternity facility in Kigali. I would like to tell you how we are working in our unit to overcome mothers verbalizing frequently “No Milk Sister” Mothers used to routinely on admission bring in their own formula as the majority thought, and many still do think that they have no milk. Presently 92-94% of our mothers exclusively breastfeed from birth to discharge, it hasn't always been the way; we will discuss this in our presentation.

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