Capturing Breastfeeding Culture Worldwide

"Capturing Breastfeeding Culture Worldwide" series of lectures touches the nature of breastfeeding in a variety of cultures. The speakers are all experts in their regions and are directly involved in working with mothers and breastfeeding babies.

Breastfeeding Culture in Nigeria: Olasupo Muibat & Musa-Asibi Onyioza - (33 min)

My session will look at traditions, taboos, beliefs about breastfeeding within the Nigerian breastfeeding culture. Most taboos centre on prelacteal feeding, which is still quite dominant with exclusion of colostrum which is known in places as witch’s milk. Some breastfeeding mothers abstain from eating snails, there is also very strong intergenerational ties within breastfeeding culture, all of these we will look at more in depth during my presentation.

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