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LEAARC Programs are of the highest standard, which meets and exceeds the IBLCE exam requirements in quality, comprehensiveness and length.

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Please note: These offers available until September 1st only and you must enter the coupon codes (above) to receive your discount!


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Lactation Exam Practice

Practice exam-taking skills on our test exams until you feel confident. You'll learn techniques that will help you see EXACTLY what the question is asking, preventing you losing marks on topics you know.

Our Practice Exams offer ongoing support from experienced IBCLCs and educators. Just like in a class, you can interact with colleagues - you won't get that with a textbook or study guide! But with Lactation Exam Practice, you'll also have the flexibility and convenience of it all being online and available 24/7 AND you'll retain access to this fantastic resource right up until the exam!

Students who had registered for the April 2019 LP19 Lactation Practice Exam and are taking the IBLCE exam in September/October 2019, can re-register for a 20% discount* with the following coupon code - 20OFFLP19B

(*This discount is only valid when using the coupon code at the time of registration and is only available for those students who enrolled in LP19 in April of 2019)

Please note: The LP19 discussion forum will close 24 hours prior to the 1st IBLCE Exam (September 24, 2019).