All reading material is included in the courses or links to helpful websites are provided. We encourage you to purchase a good quality lactation text and perhaps consider adding a new book to your collection each year.

The Health e-Learning facilitators have combined the votes of their favourite lactation books as listed below.


  • Wambach K, Spencer B - Breastfeeding and Human Lactation 6th edition 2019
  • Wilson-Clay B, Hoover K - The Breastfeeding Atlas  7th edition 2022
  • Lawrence R - Breastfeeding: a Guide for the Medical Profession 9th edition 2021
  • ILCA, LEAARC - Core Curriculum for Interdisciplinary Lactation Care  2nd edition 2022


  • Lauwers J, Swisher A - Counseling the Nursing Mother 7th edition 2020


  • Campbell S - Lactation: A Foundational Strategy for Health Promotion, 2022
  • Watson-Genna C - Supporting Sucking Skills in Breastfeeding Infants 4th edition 2023
  • Hale TW, - Hale's Medications and Mothers' Milk 2023: A Manual of Lactational Pharmacology (available as an online option at
  • Marasco L, West D - Making More Milk:  The Breastfeeding Guide to Increasing Your Milk, 2020
  • Hanson L - Immunology of Human Milk 2004

Online Resources

Breastfeeding Advocacy and Action

  • WABA (World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action)
  • IBFAN (International Baby Food Action Network)

Counseling/ Mother Support