Manon Campagna

Valerie Lavigne

Professional Development Educator, RN, IBCLC

Supporting both the individual and the community is what lies at the heart of Manon’s practice. Involved for more than 30 years in the field of perinatal care, Manon has had the privilege of supporting breastfeeding families, as well as supporting staff with continued education. She has experience as a nurse, a La Leche League leader and an IBCLC.

Within the health network, Manon was dedicated to making the breastfeeding experience a positive one for all families. She was actively involved in Baby Friendly practices and promoted the transmission of knowledge by advocating for clinical competencies.

For many years Manon was a member for the professional recognition committee for the Quebec Lactation Consultants Association. Manon and her family reside in Quebec (Canada) where she is in private practice doing her beloved work.