Each Health e-Learning course is sold on a subscription basis, as stipulated on the course description page of each Health e-Learning course. The subscription time (or 'enrollment period') commences on the day of notification to the student of their Username and Password. Username and Password notification will be via email to the address provided by the student on the Enrollment Form when payment is received by Health e-Learning.

Under NO circumstances, are students to share access to any of the Health e-Learning courses. Students must enroll and pay individually. Management reserves the right to cancel enrollments if we find that these terms and conditions have been breached in any way and certificates will not be issued.

Students are responsible for their own computer technology and Internet service. The technology standard required is described in the Online Study Guide.

The nature of online learning is such that downtimes may occur and the majority of the time is out of our control, however, we will work to fix those downtimes as soon as possible.


By registering with Health e-Learning-IIHL, you agree to receive email communications from us.  These emails can include but are not limited to newsletters, notifications and automatic system emails.

You have the right to unsubscribe to any of the emails by clicking the unsubscribe link included in each of our emails.


Health e-Learning occasionally advertise Coupon codes to enable discount prices on course enrollments. It is the responsibility of the customer to use the coupon code correctly during enrollment. Health e-Learning will not provide retrospective refunds once an enrollment is completed due to the non-entry of a valid coupon code. Promotional Coupon Codes are to be used within the specified timeframe and only for the specified courses.

Refunds & Exchanges

Refunds and Exchanges are made at the discretion of the Company Management.

Refunds and Exchanges are only available when a student has not logged into a course at all.

Claims for refunds will be processed only during the subscription period for each course. Once the subscription period of each individual course has lapsed, no refund will be given. (This is only available for students who have not logged into their course/s at all).

Any refund made will incur a US$25 administration fee per course.

Exchanges can only be made within 72 hours of the initial enrolment and only when the courses have not been accessed.


Extensions are available for enrolled students only. Each extension is for a period of thirty (30) days from the student's current expiry date, which must be purchased BEFORE your course expiry date. Extensions can not be purchased for expired and completed courses.

Under special circumstances, students can request their active course/s be placed on 'temporary hold'. To apply for a 'temporary hold', please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (Conditions apply).

Special Administration Fee

Upon successful completion of relevant courses, Certificates must be downloaded by the student in .pdf format from the course home page. It is the responsibility of the Student to download and save that certificate before their enrollment expires. It is also the responsibility of the student, to ensure the student name appears correctly upon the initial Login before the certificate is downloaded.

A Special Administration Fee is payable for each replacement Certificate requested and any name changes to certificates after they have been downloaded. Certificates that have not been downloaded during your course time frame, cannot be downloaded after the course has expired.


If you rely on the information in Health e-Learning courses you are responsible for ensuring by independent verification its accuracy or completeness.

The information and data in Health e-Learning courses are subject to change without notice. Health e-Learning may revise this Disclaimer at any time by updating this posting.

Health e-Learning, its agents, instrumentalities, officers, and employees:

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