Photo LS

 Luciana Stehlik 

Luciana graduated from the Foreign Language University and has a master's in Intercultural Studies. When she gave birth to her daughter, she realized the fact that she needed support in breastfeeding, even though she followed a prenatal breastfeeding class. After a difficult start in breastfeeding, a lot of research done on the breastfeeding literature, and the support of an IBCLC, Luciana decided that she also can become the helpful person the parents need to initiate breastfeeding. And this means a total switch in her career as she is currently a Project Manager within an international corporation.

Luciana started doing volunteer work for a call center, answering mother’s calls from Romania and abroad related to breastfeeding concerns, as well as volunteer practice in one of the most important maternity wards in Bucharest, Romania. Currently, she is preparing for the IBCLC exam in April 2021 and counseling parents in breastfeeding and child nutrition, especially through phone or an online support group. Luciana is passionate about statistics and she is dreaming to increase the breastfeeding rates in her country, along with all the colleagues in her field, through education of parents, and medical health providers.

Health e-Learning is proud to have supported Luciana to reach her goal and she has now successfully achieved certification as an IBCLC in 2021. Congratulations Luciana!