World Breastfeeding Week

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World Breastfeeding Week, August Specials Are Here!

#WBW2022 will focus on strengthening the capacity of actors that have to protect, promote and support breastfeeding across different levels of society. These actors make up the warm chain of support for breastfeeding. Target audiences including governments, health systems, workplaces, and communities will be informed, educated, and empowered to strengthen their capacity to provide and sustain breastfeeding-friendly environments for families in the post-pandemic world.

Breastfeeding is key to sustainable development strategies post-pandemic, as it improves nutrition, ensures food security, and reduces inequalities between and within countries. The theme is aligned with thematic area 1 of the  WBW-SDG 2030 campaign which highlights the links between breastfeeding and good nutrition, food security, and reduction of inequalities.

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